Free Images…

Feel free to grab any of these pictures to use on your blogs or websites, or just enjoy scrolling through the gallery. A link back or acknowledgment would help spread the word. I also posted an image of my new 2012 calendar on the Anointed page and information about note cards I’m having printed. Email me for details…


About Mid

A published author/artist/photographer. Novel: BARRIERS, is part of a trilogy about Israel and available through your local bookstore, or Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and FAEREN LANDS is an allegorical biography set in a land of Ancient days ~ IN TIMES LIKE THESE is a collection of award winning poetry/photography and short stories beginning with The Beginning of Time ~ JOURNEY OF THE HEART takes you on a journey through beautiful photographs, poetry and allegorical short stories of those beloved Seasons.
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8 Responses to Free Images…

  1. Mid says:

    You are welcome… Enjoy!!

  2. Hi Mid! I would like to use your beautiful photo of the robin for my June JoE post. It fits well with the theme, and I don’t have any of my own photos to use. When I submit for post, I will credit and link back to here. Thanks Mid!

    • Mid says:

      Hey Sweetie…that’s exactly what this is for!!! So glad someone is using it!! 🙂
      If you want to plug this…just say this site is for those who would like photos
      for their posts and it’s free. (I need to make a button!!)

  3. Beautiful, Mid! I will grab your button!

  4. Vonnie says:

    Beautiful ! I especially like the labels to identify the plants.

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